Top 10 Pest Control Companies in Townsville

Top 10 Pest Control Companies in Townsville.

When it comes to things that disturb peaceful human living, pests are no doubt at the top of the chain. They have such devastating effects including human infections and diseases, destruction of property and a general foul ambiance. This has made people invest millions of dollars to fight these particular pests giving rise to the popular pest control companies. This is no difference in the great Townsville, Australia. With very many upcoming companies and rather established ones that deal with the menace, it is very vital to keep track of the genuine ones and those that offer good services. Below is a list of pest control companies that offer the best services in Townsville, Australia.

1. Amalgamated Pest Control

This is currently the largest privately owned pest control firm in Australia. Amalgamated pest control arose from two parent companies founded in the early 1920’s. This has given the company enough experience. This company offers both residential and commercial pest control.
To contact them, visit their website at www.amalpest.comor call them on their official phone numbers (07) 4444 4341. Their pricing is average depending on the nature of the work you want them to do and the extent of damage caused by the pests. You can contact them for quotations on pricing.

2. Rentokil Pest Control

This particular pest control company provides services throughout Townsville and its surroundings including Charter Towers, Ingham and Ayr. With over 70 years of experience, this company has proven itself both locally and internationally. The company has several localized teams that study the area and service it accordingly. This localized feeling gives the company a personalized touch Townsville locals gaining them popularity.

The offices of Rentokil are located at 4/5 Turnbull Street, Garbutt, Townsville, Queensland 4814. To get in touch with this company, you can visit their website at or call them on 1300 307 825. They have average pricing as well and you can get personal quotations by contacting them.

3. Spinifex 

Locates at 40 Pegnall Street Pimlico QLD 4812, this pest control company is known for an all-round pest control. With over 40 years of experience, Spinifex Pest Control offers pest control services including rodent control, bird control and termite management. In addition, Spinifex Pest Control offers both commercial and residential pest control services.
To contact Spinifex, get them on their website at or you can call them on (07) 4725 3666. Quotations can be gotten through contacting them within their 9am-5pm business hours’

4. Tactic Pest Control

Townsville as well offers both residential and commercial pest control and is owned by the locals of Townsville. Tactic offers free written proposals for potential clients especially on termite management.
To contact Tactic, visit their website at or call them on (07) 4725 0211. They are located on 13 Leyland Street Garbutt QLD 4814.

5. POD’s Pest Control

This company, located on 454 Ross River RD, Cranbook; Townsville QLD 4814, this company has reputed itself as a pest control company especially during construction. They are also known for using the thermal image camera to inspect pest invasions.
For more information, visit their website at or call them on (07) 4799 9919. Pricing is deliberated upon after contacting them.

6. Flick Pest Control

This company offers their services all over Townsville houses including Sarina, Mackay and Cardwell. They offer regular pest inspection services to their clients as an after sale service.
To contact them, you could call 13 14 40 or get them online through

7. Environ Pest Control

Also reputed an environmentally friendly pest control company, Environs Pest Control prides itself as being one of the best locally owned pest control companies in the field. The company also offers pre-purchase inspections for potential clients.
For more information, call (07) 4728 1610 or visit their website

8. Marz Attack Pest Control

This company offers premium pest control services and as a bonus it offers pre-purchase inspection reports too. This ensures clients have pest reports on their houses before purchasing them. it further offers termite control, bird control and even rodent control.
Contact them on or call (07) 4753 6666.

9. Globe Pest Solution

This company is averagely one of the best pest control company in Townsville. They basically offer all available pest solutions in the market.
Call them on (07) 3277 3999 or visit their website

10. Termites Gone
Located in 16 Woodland Ct in Townsville City QLD 4818, this company boasts itself in regulating Townsville worst pests; termites. They however offer any other pest control service as well. For more information call them on +61 411 053 966 or visit them online at

Well, there you have it, the 10 best pest control companies in Townsville QLD Australia.