Does Castle Stack Up In Townsville?

If you are planning to purchase or sell a real estate property in Townsville, then availing the service of Castle Property Inspections & Pest Management should be the first step. There are a host of pest management companies in Townsville that you can choose from.

The Ville as it’s commonly known, is an enclave situated in the north-eastern part of Queensland, Australia. It is a dry tropics region, which makes it one of the largest urban area in Qld. In 2014, the population reached 178,000.

The Company

Castle Pest Control Townsville is the leading property inspectorate company in the region for a decade already. When it comes to critter control in the local area, this company has the highest rapport.

Both the owner and manager is Simon Read. He has become locally famous in property assessment and probing. Moreover, he established the company in response to the growing population.

As we all know, purchasing a real estate can be a person’s biggest investment. Not only in locally but any place around the world. If you are eyeing off properties for a new home, start considering Castle’s services.

What Are Their Services?Yellow Logo

As the company suggests, removing every stress in a property is the best they do. This office has several teams of experts to carry out various inspections to any properties or establishments. Specifically, they are excellent in dealing with critters. We all know how detrimental these insect-like bugs are to the physical structure of our homes. Such examples are termites, powderpost beetles, and carpenter ants.

Aside from exterminating pests, Castle can also provide comprehensive written reports based on their findings. They can give you useful recommendations and assistance to thoroughly curb the presence of bugs in your property. Integrated pest management programs are really effective and should be considered for all homes.

Specific services


This service is highly necessary if you are selling your property. Even if your home is newly built, there is a still a good chance that it has defects and problems. Some of the reasons for this are the low-quality workmanship and the use of substandard construction materials. To prevent any unwanted expenses, make sure that you subject your property to a series of inspections.

In this service, this company will give you a detailed building report of your property. Included in this are the description of materials used in your house, feedbacks if they discovered any defects, current condition of construction and if the building is safe to live.

Aside from that, they can also give you a detailed report. Included in this account are the following:

  • Timber animal activity
  • Conducive conditions for pest infestations
  • Shreds of evidence of the presence termites and other pests
  • Pieces of proof of wood decay fungi and wood borers
  • History of Termite Management

Termite Treatment

Of course, this company would be useless if it doesn’t offer you this service. After all, we know how much damage a colony of termite can do to your property. When you rectify your home due to termite infestation, it can cost you up to thousands of dollars. In fact, there are some cases where demolishing and rebuilding a property is the only choice.

To avoid these grim circumstances, you should avail any termite treatment services regularly. Castle’s pest control solutions will make this job quite easily.

  • Their Termite Treatment Service includes the following:
  • Remedial treatment (Application of foaming and dusting techniques)
  • Termite Barrier System Installation (Highly recommended)
  • Variety of termite control method that would suit the design of your property


General Management Programs

Aside from termites, this company can also eradicate harmful critters in your property. And when we say harmful, we are not only referring to the physical damage they can do to your house. We are indicating the possible diseases that you can get from being exposed to the presence and residues of these bugs.

This company can exterminate the following infestations

  • Spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Ants
  • Wasps
  • Cockroaches
  • Mice and rats
  • Fleas
  • Mosquitos
  • Ticks
  • Bed Bugs
  • Bird Lice

Your Townsville home can get pampered with a tailored pest treatment package so that you can save a significant amount of money in your pocket. Castle may not be the cheapest solution to do this, but there’ll be a glow to your property as a result from removing it’s pests.

Flea and Tick Bond Return

If you are just renting a property, and you have your pet, then your landlord may require you to avail a flea and tick treatment service. Specifically, this service is a requirement if you are about to move out from the property when the lease is over.

The Flea and Tick Bond Return service is quite inexpensive compared to their other services. They offer a particular package that is very cost-efficient for tenants. The cost starts at $88 for those that are living in the local area.

Be assured that even for its price, you can still guarantee the quality of their service. They can conduct a thorough external and internal flea and tick extermination, with a three-month warranty.

What’s The Trust Level?

Castle happen to be the top choice of locals when it comes to pre-purchase inspections. It’s not worth the risk to hire someone with a low-quality pest control service or reputation just benefit from a cheaper price. Since they are a local Townsville business, you can expect that they have a thorough knowledge of the place. Moreover, this company has already inspected over 10,000 homes over the past decade. This means that their services are worth your money and time. (that’s a lot of pest inspections)

If you take a look at the number of years this company has existed, you can say that the locals trust them already.

Specifically, their crew is highly-trained and licensed individuals. For every inspection, this company sends two capable inspectors to assure homeowners that nothing is missed. Of course, they also encourage the presence of the owners during the building inspection. In this way, the current state of their property will be explained to them comprehensively. Get in touch with them here.

Aside from infestation management, Castle also conducts electrical inspections, plumbing inspections, and pool inspections. They can also conduct a Handover Report for those newly established properties in Townsville.