Direct Pest Control Townsville Makes The Cut

Direct Pest Control is a QLD company based in Currajong. Retaining the value of your property is important for your home as well as commercial building. While for varying reasons critters may appear, it is evident that they not only damage your property but you also get to maintain a clear slate in terms of appearance. If you’re looking for a termite solution or a building and pest inspection, for those located in Townsville, QLD and its surrounding, they are your ideal solution to getting rid of unwanted bugs.

Service Delivery

While competition in this field is evident in Townsville, Direct has an added advantage in its service delivery. This does not refer to the actual service only but it comes as a package you will be glad you sought after. What is this all about?

Green ant

This is what the company uses to deliver its services in combination to the diverse services offered.
Service options are provided here.

  • Use of environment-friendly(safe) yet effective products

    You no longer have to worry about entering your premises and coughing all day long. In addition, you will not have to worry about fumes that are harmful to your health. All products are safe and environmentally friendly to ensure that any rodents are eradicated while at the same time upholding the value of clientele health.

  • Promotes convenience and efficiency

    It is all about the customer and satisfying their needs and preferences. Depending on the customer request and obligations, they work around what you need

  • They leaves your assets safe

    It is evident that insects and rodents will destroy your assets such as furniture in the event they are left to roam the premises. Even worse, they will contaminate your edible foods leading to worse health concerns. The company ensures that all your assets are safe from any damages despite having to move items or assemble them.

  • On time delivery and project completion

    All projects are completed within the time agreed and all personnel will arrive on time to prevent any inconvenience. You will receive an accurate quote as well as accurate time coverage to ensure that no inconveniences are met for you or your business.


Direct Pest Control personnel are always at your disposal to address your concern as well as answer your questions. The entire team upholds to all company values. Though the team is not very big, they ensure that they deliver on efficiency. They are friendly and warm making it easier to work with them.

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When you identify an infestation in your premises, it is evident that you need an immediate response. With this company, you can contact them and receive same day service. The response is fast and timely. In the event you have any concerns, a simple call will have an experienced and professional expert ready to address it on the other end.
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The bottom line is that Direct Pest Control offers diverse services to help address all your creepy crawly problems and infestations. They are reliable and convenient to ensure that they will get rid of the problem with the very first procedure. One attempt is all they need to provide your desired service without failure. You will feel in safe hands. Click Here if you would like more Pest Control Options.