Townsville Building And Pest Inspections


The best way to ensure you’re clear about the state of a property before you buy is by having it undergo a building and pest inspection for infestations and structural damage.

Pre-Purchase Property Report

The pre-purchase property evaluation report is often a written document about the state of the structure and informs you of any problems such as dampness, safety issues or problems with the roof.

However, this report is different to a pest report, which will look at the visible damage that could have been created by termites or other building-destroying pests. This is another type examination that you need to have done before you exchange contracts as a new home owner.

Choosing Suitable Experts

It is vital you hire someone who knows what they are doing to look over the property. For the building check up, they should be qualified as either a licensed builder, architect or surveyor. For pest management, make sure you use a registered company and ensure they comply with Australian standards.

These entities should also have adequate insurance cover, in case it is needed. Don’t skip on what’s important. Building and pest inspection Townsville does require a thorough approach.

What Is Included In The Reports?

A building look-over will flag up the details of any problems, although if it is just a standard visual, it might not catch all the structural issues if they are hidden away.

A pest inspection should take a good look at the structure points of the building, and especially any parts of the home that are built out of wood, such as timber, as this is where termites like to hang out.

A thorough look over should take over an hour. If the contractor is in and out in less than half an hour then it might be cause for worry that the evaluation wasn’t thorough enough.

The Examination Carried Out By The Person Selling The Home

Sometimes the people selling the property might decide to get the building report done themselves, so they can show it to potential buyers. However, you should be wary of these reports, and in most cases, it is important for you to get your own independent report carried out.

Why is this? Because if you purchase the property and then find there are issues with the structure of the building – problems that weren’t outlined in the building or pest reports – then you may have to consultant a lawyer. This can cause you a lot of undue stress and become a very expensive process.

Warranties and Guarantees

Be cautious of service providers who cannot back up their work. Professionals know how to do the job properly and the last thing you need is to get a receipt for paying for a pest report where in 6 months didn’t really do the job and there is some “loophole” in the terms and conditions. Get it done right the first time.


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