Famous People From Townsville

Australia is home to some of the world’s most iconic stars. From sports stars, to movies stars and world leaders there is a group of famous people born in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. While of course no one is as famous as our Pest Control team at  http://pesthqtownsville.com.au/, (sarcasm) this brief overview looks into legendary people […]

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Townsville Eating Hotspots | Restaurants You Must Visit

While not broadly referred to all through Australia as a cookery hotbed, Townsville brags an exuberant and noteworthy dining scene with more than 75 little too expansive scale restaurants of every exceptional, diverse food calling the town home. The city’s dining center of Palmer Street is a different blend of offerings from the top of […]

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The Best Beaches In Townsville

Townsville, located on the north eastern coast of Australia, has become every vacationer’s dream. With stunning beaches, a plethora of outdoor activities and a thriving night life, Townsville provides the perfect getaway from the stress and routine of everyday life. While there are many things to enjoy on a visit to Townsville, its beaches prove […]

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