The Best Beaches In Townsville

Townsville, located on the north eastern coast of Australia, has become every vacationer’s dream. With stunning beaches, a plethora of outdoor activities and a thriving night life, Townsville provides the perfect getaway from the stress and routine of everyday life.

While there are many things to enjoy on a visit to Townsville, its beaches prove to be some of the most spectacular and unforgettable in the world. Crystal clear, blue waters coupled with swaying palm trees make Townsville a renowned tourist attraction.

The Strand

The Strand, ranked as the 6th best beach in Australia, is one of the most popular beaches in the area. Its two and a half kilometre walkway is thoroughly enjoyed by runners and bikers and offers breath-taking views of the Magnetic Island. In addition, there are paddle boarding and skydiving activities to be enjoyed by all and The Strand Water Park is a favourite among the kids. The strand is kept pest from from Townsville pest solutions and fishing enthusiasts can also take advantage of the jetty which provides the perfect place to cast a line.


Horseshoe Bay

This stunning bay, located on Magnetic Island is every adventure tourist’s dream. From jet skis to kayaks and much more, Horseshoe Bay offers an array of water sports for the entire family. The beachfront is also littered with a selection of restaurants, cafes and shops all with the ideal ocean view to be enjoyed. There are also picnic tables within the vicinity for those who prefer to pack a picnic to be enjoyed in Horseshoe Bay’s wonderful facilities.

Saunders Beach

This beach offers six wonderful kilometres to be discovered. It also offers van and tent based camping and is very popular among fishermen. Like the other beaches in Australia, Saunders beach also lives up to images of shady palm trees and pristine waters.

Picnic Bay

Picnic Bay also located on Magnetic Island, has a lot to offer. There is a specially designed swimming enclosure which allows for safe swimming. The mall, located a short distance away offers the perfect atmosphere for relaxed shopping and dining. Golfers may especially enjoy this bay as there is a nine hole golf course among its many available facilities.

Alma Bay

This bay is somewhat smaller than the others previously mentioned. It is just 150 meters wide. However, its beauty is not diminished by its size. It is generally calm and only receives waves when the wind blows in a south easterly direction. This makes it perfect for swimming and other water sport activities. This bay, like Picnic and Horseshoe Bay is also located on Magnetic Island.


Florence Bay

This bay is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. To the left of the bay there is a coral reef which is clearly visible so snorkelling is very popular. It also belongs to the National and Marine Parks and many yatch owners anchor here to enjoy its picturesque views.

Balgal Beach

Its perfect sandy beach and secure swimming make this beach a favourite among tourists. The Great Barrier Reef can be easily accessed from Balgal Beach as there are boat ramp facilities. Campers can also enjoy the designated camping areas as well as the cafes and accommodation options available along the beach. Whether it’s a relaxing day or an exciting trip to the Great Barrier Reef, Balgal Beach is worth the visit.

While this list of beaches is by no means exhaustive of the best beaches in Townsville, there is much to be enjoyed on the ones that were outlined here. Whether it’s an adventure filled holiday or a more laid back, restful one, Townsville offers some of the best beaches in Australia that can be enjoyed by all. From exciting water sport activities to shopping, Townsville’s beaches offer the perfect melee of sun, sand and sea to tourists the world over.