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If you call now and live in the Townsville area, we’ll safely eliminate your pests with no smell, complete family safety and 100% satisfaction enough to tell your friends, or there’ll be no charge.

Townsville Pest Control has helped many people solve their pest problems so they can focus on what’s important to them and we’d be delighted to work with you also.

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Yes you’re probably sitting there considering if you should call a professional or just do it yourself. Or you’re frustrated that the last provider you called didn’t do the job properly. Don’t let that happen again. Call Today 1300 65 90 22.


If you’re buying new home or simply notice some rodents in your current home, it’s important to get a pest inspection to make sure your purchase is structurally sound and safe from termites.

Not knowing anything about Pest Control leaves you open to be taken advantage of by unscrupulous service providers.

This website started so you enjoy the confidence to speak with the right Pest Control provider and understand the best solution for your home.

QLD is Home

North QLD is a unique place and Townsville is north enough to feel the tropics. It’s a perfect breeding ground for bugs, flying ants and termites.

Call us now for the best advice for your situation. We serve the local Townsville area and are here to help you remove your pest problem so you can get on with what’s more important in your life.

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